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All the products at Lil Lightning Inc. have amazing explosive power when you need it the most. Our products provide peace of mind to our customers.web-friendly--Lightning Pak---15

We have all been there, when you go to start your car, boat, etc… and the battery is dead. The Lightning Pak product line will save you time and again in stressful times.

Simply hook up the provided jumper cables, hit the power button and start your car!

Each unit comes with an easy to follow user guide. The RP1, RP2 and the RP Ultra Slim will also charge your portable device, iPad, phone, laptop, etc.

There is nothing worse than a dead phone battery. We all use our phones now more than ever. Phones are the way we stay connected to our friends, family and business associates. The Lightning Paks will keep your devices charged any where you go. From the Airport to out in the wilderness on a camping adventure, you can charge your phone.

High powered LED flashlights come on 3 out of the 4 units we have. Along with a flashlight, with a push of a button the unit turns into an SOS light which can be seen from the air and roadside.

No one wants to be stuck in the middle of nowhere. But if it happens don’t be stuck without your Lighting Pak.


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