Fantasy MotoGP Contest

We have a lot of prizes lined up for winners this year!  

Current Results!

Rules of the contest:

Choose who you think the top 10 finishers are going to be for each race.  We're not going to do points for the Saturday sprint race.  Only the main event on Sunday.  Make a submission for each race weekend.  A tip is to wait till the weekend of the race to make your selection.  This way you'll see how all the riders are doing.  You'll be awarded points in the same manner MotoGP awards rider points.  You get Max points if you guess the rider's finishing place exactly.  Points will be lower based on their relativity to their actual finishing places.  Example:  You pick Miller to get 3rd, but he only comes in 6th.  You get a max of 6th place points.  Or you pick Brad Binder to finish 8th, but he sneeks up to 4th at the finish.  You'll get points for 8th place.  

We are allowing 4 drops during the season of your 4 lowest scores.  This will help those who forget about a race or two during the season.  

Submissions must be entered the midnight before the race.  

We have prizes for the end of the season winners from Arai, Scorpion, Shoei, Revit!, Sidi, Shark.  More prizes are lining up soon too!

The winner of the contest will get first choice of the prizes.  2nd will go next, and so forth.  



Current Entries and Results: