Goodridge Shadow Sport Bike Rear Brake Lines (Honda)

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NOTE: Fits NON Abs. The cutting edge, all stainless steel, flagship Goodridge Sportbike Kit.

  • The stainless steel hardware undergoes the Goodridge proprietary coating process, which electronically lacquers the fittings.
  • The Shadow hose features a black PVC coating, the PTFE inner liner, and stainless steel braided armor.
  • The PTFE hose liner is an inert material, compatible with all hydraulic and brake fluids, has a heat range of -158 to 500F, and shields brake systems from moisture, unlike other materials like nylon.
  • The PVC hose coating adds great looks, abrasion protection to expensive parts, and resistance to damaging UV rays.
  • The stainless steel braid is superior in pressure rating, flame resistance, and volumetric expansion to all other materials, including Kevlar, resulting in unmatched stopping power.
  • Kits ship complete with all necessary mounting hardware.
  • Kits fit non-ABS models only.
  • Note: Image is for display purposes ONLY, actual appearance varies by fitment.