HJC Pinlock Anti-Fog Shields and Lenses HJ-09

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You must purchase both the Pinlock shield and lens.

Fits:  FS-10, AC-12, CL-SP, IS-16, CL-15, CL-16, and cl-17

HJC Pinlock Anti-Fog Shields and Lenses HJ-09


The Pinlock lens is created out of a moisture absorbing plastic. The silicone seal on the Pinlock lens creates an air tight double shield. These two features make Pinlock the best fog resistant product there is.

The lens is placed between two adjustuble eccentric pins. Fitting is easy and the system is interchangeable. With changing weather conditions you can easily switch colors. Keep your shield closed, it will not fog up!

The unique Pinlock system allows the use of interchangeable lenses. Since the lenses are not glued into the face shield, interchanging is as easy as removing one lens and clicking in the next. When the weather changes, just click in the best suitable lens. And it is a lot easier to carry a few lenses than spare face shields. Pinlock offers you a versatile fog resistant system.

A yellow lens gives you that high contrast vision, ideal in misty and rainy weather. Change it for an orange lens to benefit from high contrast vision combined with sun blocking characteristics. The clear lens is your best friend in any weather type and gives you a clear vision without compromises. The light tinted allows you to focus on the road with sunny weather. For those bright sunny days simply carry the dark tinted lens. Click it in and get back on the road.

Not only the clear Pinlock lenses, but also all the tinted lenses offer the best fog resistance available. In addition, all lenses offer 100% protection against harmful UV rays.

Specially designed to install on shields with built-in pins, the PINLOCK Anti-Fog Lens transforms your single shield into a dual shield that will resist any amount of fog buildup.

  • With ProSeal
  • Airtight chamber
  • Interchangeable
  • Easily cleaned


CX-1V works for:  X-11, RF-1000, TZ-R, and MultiTec series helmets.

CX-1 works for: RF-800, RF-900, X-8, X-9, X-SPII, X-tec, TZ-1, Z-II, and Syncrotec series helmets