REV'IT! Quantum 2 Pro Air Jacket

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Partially ventilated, top-spec, speed hump-equipped leather sport jacket

This is not your ordinary sport jacket. Loud and outspoken, it challenges individuals to make a statement. Like our riders in MotoGP and WSBK, there’s a need for speed, but also a desire to stand out in the crowd.

Enter the Quantum 2 Pro Air jacket. But it’s not all about looks. Behind the colorful graphics and aggressive design, the Quantum 2 Pro Air is packed with functional features and high-quality components that you may expect as an avid sport bike rider. One of the most striking features is the new PWR|Fuse air mesh technology, which is a true innovation from a technical point of view. This fabric construction provides ample airflow and has been applied to the top panel of the speedhump, going all the way over the shoulder. It’s like you’re wrapped in a blanket of air.

It doesn’t end there though. Included are single-layer neoprene cuffs - making it easier to get your gloves over the jacket cuffs - a neoprene comfort collar, a moisture-managing mesh summer lining, a removable and sleeveless thermal liner, and TPU sliding parts at the elbows (replaceable) and shoulders. The MotoGP-spec impact protectors complete a package that makes that separates this jacket from the rest.

Wear it on the streets with your favorite pair of riding jeans or connect it with leather sport pants using the 360-degree round zipper and you’re good to go on any type of road and at high speeds.


Size ( A ) CHEST in INCH ( B ) WAIST in INCH
46 38.19 - 39.37 33.07 - 34.25
48 39.76 - 40.94 34.65 - 35.83
50 41.34 - 42.52 36.22 - 37.40
52 42.91 - 44.09 37.80 - 38.98
54 44.49 - 45.67 39.37 - 40.94
56 46.06 - 47.24 41.34 - 42.91
58 47.64 - 48.82 43.31 - 44.88
60 49.21 - 50.39 45.28 - 46.85