REV'IT! Safeway 30 Belt

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30mm-wide leather connector belt for a safe connection between jeans and jacket

We’ve taken our must-have Safeway belt and made it that much sleeker. For anyone wanting to create a safe and stylish connection between our jeans/chinos and our overshirts or jackets, we’re giving you a new option.

Now, the Safeway 30 belt brings to the market a new kind of cool. It’s slimmer than its older brother yet still embodies all the function you’d like out of one of our leather accessories. The thinner width opens up new doors for personalization in terms of motorcycle clothing. The belt is also unisex, so it can be worn with either our men’s or ladies’ collection pieces.

The Safeway 30 belt does its job by creating a secure connection between your riding garments, shielding you against the elements and unwanted wind creeping into places it’s not welcome.