REV'IT! Slate H2O Gloves

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Clean-looking, waterproof, technical Urban gloves for the sport-oriented rider.

The Slate H2O motorcycle gloves redefine the standard when it comes to Urban waterproof, short-cuffed gloves. While graphic design language is subtle, these motorcycle gloves have nice detailing to them. We also incorporate the new reflective PWR|Fuse material at the back of the hand and fingers, not only for good looks but for added dimension and texture.

Waterproofing comes via the semi-bonded hydratex|Z-liner insert, while the 3M™ Thinsulate™ at the back of the hand is there for extra comfort. Making sure that your summer rides in the rain (or cold) don’t affect the performance of your fingers. A suede leather visor wiper along with the Connect Finger Tips at the thumb and index fingers, make the Slate H2O gloves even more user-friendly.

Great yet subtle design, waterproofing, convenient features, and more are just a few of the reasons why the Slate H2O motorcycle gloves may be your next favorite pair of hand protection.